What O’Callaghan brings to building projects goes far beyond tools and materials

At O’Callaghan Building, our business culture is based on a belief in performing all project work with complete professional integrity; and in understanding that there is much more to smooth-running construction success than simply supplying the required tools, materials and technical know-how.

From start to finish, we collaborate closely with our commercial and residential clients to ensure that no ‘communication wires’ ever become crossed in bringing their architectural plans and aesthetic desires to life.


For each and every project, we dedicate a team of specialist tradesmen to work as one cohesive unit; and apply their craft with care and finesse.

At all times, we look to add value and table ideas; speak openly and honestly on all matters; and honour the trust clients place in us by keeping to our promises and completion schedules.

We pride ourselves on being punctual ~ and also in letting our customers know if we are ever unavoidably delayed in arriving on time for any appointment.

We view any unforeseen construction issue as a challenge to cleverly and cost effectively overcome; never just toss in the ‘too-hard’ basket.

On jobs of every size, scope and level of complexity, we employ robust project management systems which not only maintain strict control over quality standards, but also progressively check that costs remain within budget.

We also make certain that every O’Callaghan Building worksite operates in full compliance with Health, Safety and Environmental regulations ~ not just because its compulsory, but because no job is ever worth putting peoples’ lives in jeopardy.

Through adhering to these principles, our unwavering aim is to develop and deliver finely honed solutions that sensitively reflect the expectations and protect the investment of all clients. So they’re always happy to recommend us to others; and always pleased to have us back.